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Have confidence in our financially sound portfolio

Put your trust in a strong portfolio built by following a solid business plan, staffing adequately for our clients, and maintaining significant reserves.

Experience true property management

By choosing us as your property management company, you will benefit in multiple ways. The value of your property will increase through preservation of its sources of income and/or minimizing its loss. You will get the peace of mind of having the stress-free investment every owner desires.


We will provide you with accurate records of all income and expenses on a monthly basis. You will remain in control of your property while giving all the time-consuming tasks to us.

Create your own plan


You can use our wide array of services to customize your own management plan.  You determine the amount of management that you want.

Give us a call today

Get in touch with us today to begin customizing your HOA management plan. Learn more about how we can make your investment easier for you.

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Regular inspections ensure the quality of your property.

Have confidence in thorough financial recordkeeping.

Stay informed of your property activities throughout the year.

Property inspections

Bank reconciliation reports

Year-end reports

Square Square Square

HOA tenant management

Bill pay services

Tax preparation

Know your tenants are reliable with precise management.

We will handle making sure the bills are paid on time.

Leave the stress of your tax preparation to us.


Experience true property management

•  Property Inspections

•  Bank Reconciliation Reports

•  Monthly Financial Reports

•  Rent Roll / Cash Flow Reports

•  Year-End Reports

•  HOA Tenant Management

•  HOA Dues Collections

•  Accounting / Billing

•  HOA Management Services

•  Lien Services

•  Asset Management

•  Cash Management

•  Bill Pay Services

•  Tax Preparation

Reasons to choose PPM

•  Ease in transfer of power

•  Protect Board of Directors from personal liability

•  Develop a plan to maintain and increase property values

•  Encourage community involvement

•  Act as mediator in disputes

•  Perform collection activities

•  Oversee contractors

•  Assist in orderly transfer of property

•  Save money

•  Facilitate communications

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